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Privacy Policy

This page sets out Queensland Cricket's policies on management of personal information. In this policy "we", "us" and "our" refer to Queensland Cricket, and "you" and "your" refer to individuals from whom we might collect personal information. Definitions of terms in the Commonwealth Privacy Act (such as personal information) also apply in this policy. This policy may be updated by us from time to time.

We take steps to comply with the National Privacy Principles ( NPP's ) of the Privacy Act. Our policy governs our collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information. We outline our policy in each of those areas below.



We generally collect the following kinds of personal information, for the following purposes, in the course of our business:

  • Members of affiliates' names and contact details, so that we can keep a register of and maintain contact with those members;
  • Members of affiliates' names and contact details so we can keep a register of and maintain a register of those members so that we can arrange and maintain our insurance coverage;
  • Medical conditions and records of injuries and treatment provided to players and playing clinic attendees, so that our medical staff can decide whether it is appropriate for a particular person to play or attend a particular clinic;
  • Names and contact details of participants in corporate hospitality and events, so that we can analyse our market and for marketing purposes;
  • Names and contact details of individuals who receive priority notice of ticket sales, so that we can provide that notice; and
  • Names and contact details of customers of our on-line shop, so that we can service those customers and for marketing purposes.

Where possible, we collect that information from the individual concerned.

At the time we collect information, we try to advise the individual of the relevant purpose, and obtain the individual's consent.

Whether we collect personal information from an individual or from elsewhere, and whether or not we obtain written consent, we always deal with that information in accordance with this policy.

Personal Information and Our Website


In addition to information entered into our website, the site automatically collects two types of information.

  1. We may from time to time collect information relating to use of our web site, such as the pages are requested and accessed and which browser software is being used. This information enables us to identify the areas of the site which are popular and tailor the site accordingly.
  2. We make use of a web browser software feature known as cookies which cause the user's web browser software to store small pieces of textual information on a user's computer. This feature allows us to make our site more useful by appearing to remember information about a user during and between visits.



We take steps to make sure that personal information is stored securely. Those steps include storing paper records in a physically secure place, and using appropriate access controls in relation to our information systems.

When personal financial information is sent to us using our web site, we use encryption technologies to prevent that information from being read or altered by another person while in transit.


We use the information outlined above for the purposes set out above.

We also analyse information from time to time, in order to improve our business and our products and services. The analysis is performed on aggregated information, not information relating to specific individuals.

We may also use certain information from time to time, where lawful to do so, to communicate with customers and potential customers about product or service offerings in which they may be interested.

However, each time we contact a customer in this way, we ask whether they wish not to receive any further such communications. If a customer advises us that they do not wish to receive communications of that nature, we comply with that request.



We may disclose personal information in the following ways:

  • when we are legally required to do so; and
  • to others when they carry out tasks for us which are necessary to achieve the above purposes e.g. we disclose customer contact information to the organisations which fulfil purchases orders from our website.

Further Information

For further information about Queensland Cricket's use of personal information, or to request access to the information we might hold about you, please contact Brisbane Heat on 07 3292 3100 or or email mailto:privacy@qldcricket.com.au