Do members get parking at Metricon Stadium? 


Members have the ability to purchase discounted parking across the road from Metricon Stadium for Friday 20 December, and Wednesday 1st of January, by navigating to and entering the code 'HEATMEMBER'


Where Is My Membership Pack?

  • E-membership (digital version of membership): Up to 7 business days from purchase, or daily leading up to match-day. 
  • Physical Membership Pack: Within 2-4 weeks of purchase. You will receive a dispatch email from the Brisbane Heat as soon as it leaves our mailhouse, as well as frequent updates from Australia Post once it has left the mailhouse - indicating that your pack is 5-7 business days away. If you have not received these emails please check your junk mail. Please note that the Australia Post emails are subject to the service delivery of Australia Post, who operate as the courier on behalf of the Brisbane Heat, and due to the bushfires, Cyber weekend and Christmas - do on occasion drop their service delivery. Send us a message or give us a call and we will give you your tracking number for any missing packs! 

My pack is lost, stolen or sent to another address

If your address has changed since you purchased your membership, it is likely that it has been sent to your old address. If you are unable to retrieve your pack from your old address, and do not have re-direction set-up via Australia Post, please get in touch! If you suspect your pack has been lost or stolen in transit, please refer to your tracking number and get in touch with your closest Australia Post, and if the pack is still irretrievable - get in touch via

I want to order a pack as a Christmas present - will it arrive in time? 

Our cut-off for Christmas delivery of physical packs is December 1, however we will continue lodging packs over Christmas after this date.Any memberships purchased before December 23 will receive an e-membership which is printable before Christmas. If you would like something tangible to give this Christmas and have ordered after this date feel free to download the gift voucher beneath! You will also receive your e-membership (digital membership card) to the provided address which you can print and gift. 

I ordered a membership as a present but don't know if I'll get the pack in time? 

Please click here to download a signed Chris Lynn Brisbane Heat gift voucher, which you can customize yourself!

How do I Renew Or Purchase A Membership? (Including Upgrading Or Changing Your Seat)

  • STEP 1:Click LOG IN (if you have a CricketID skip toSTEP 5)
  • STEP 2:Click Create a CricketID today, then enter your details
  • STEP 3:Once in your membership dashboard, click LINK MEMBERSHIP
  • STEP 4:Follow the prompts through the linking process. You'll need your MemberID for this, which will be in the renewal piece we sent out, or in the emails that we have sent. 
  • STEP 6:Click for each member that you would like to renew.
  • STEP 7:Confirm that your details are up to date (ensure your email address and postal address are accurate)
  • STEP 8(Concessions Only): If transitioning from Junior to Concession (15 years to 16 years) please select 'IS Concession', if no concession please skip this step. 
  • STEP 9:Select the package you wish to renew with (either the same or different from last year)
  • STEP 10: Select the seats that you would like to renew, if renewing the same seats, these will automatically be selected - please confirm these and then select 'DONE'
  • STEP 11:Choose Add-Ons or skip, select payment method
  • STEP 12:Complete! Thankyou for coming back or joining us. Your invoice and welcome email will be emailed directly to the email address provided. 

I want free access to the WBBL at Allan Border Field, how do I get free tickets? 

2019-20 members have the opportunity to redeem FREE tickets to the WBBL games played in Brisbane. Free ticket redemption is limited to 1 ticket per member, per WBBL match day. Be sure to get in quickly as there are only 500 complimentary member tickets available for each match day. CLICK HERE for information on how to redeem.

I saw something about a KAYO offer in the member benefits page, how do I get my offer? 

We will send the Kayo Sports offer to your email (exclusive to Brisbane Heat members) prior to the commencement of the BBL season which will allow you to stream every minute live, from wherever you are!

I would like to sit in an aisle seat. How do I arrange this?

If sitting on the aisle is very important to you, we'd recommend giving our customer service team a call on 1800-GO-HEAT. They'll be able to tell you exactly where the aisle seats are as it's sometimes difficult to find them when looking at the seating map.

When will my membership cap be delivered? 

Your membership cap will be delivered prior to the BBL season if you ordered delivery, or, for pick-up on match-day if ordered it after December 8. 

I am a member (or have been in the past), but I'm having trouble logging in?

As of late 2017, we have a brand new membership system! You'll need to create a new login and then link it to your membership. Just follow these easy steps ...


STEP 2: Click Create a CricketID today ,then enter your details

STEP 3: Once in your membership dashboard, click LINK MEMBERSHIP

STEP 5: Follow the prompts through the linking process. You'll need your Member ID for this which you can find on the back of your membership card. If you can't locate your Member ID,contact us and we will be happy to supply it to you.

How do I pay via instalments?

Check out our payment plan page for further details. If you are wanting to process an instalment please call 1800-GO-HEAT or email us at

Is there a cut-off date to purchase memberships?

There is no cut-off date to buy ticketed memberships, however there are a limited number of seats so be sure to purchase early to avoid missing out. Heart of the Heat Memberships (non-ticketed) can be purchased any time throughout the season. 

What are the child classification ages?

Children must be aged 5-15 years as at the beginning of the season (1st of July) to be eligible for junior priced seating. Children younger than 5 years old are not required to have a Child Membership purchased for them, however they must not occupy a seat and will need to sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. If the child requires a seat, a Child Membership needs to be purchased for them. If you would like a junior aged under 5 to still be a Brisbane Heat member, we recommend purchasing a 'Heart Of The Heat' membership. 

Am I eligible for a concession membership?

The following concessions are valid for the 2018-19 Season:

  • Holders of a Pension Card issued by: Centrelink, Department of Health and Community Services, Department of Community Services, Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • Pension types include: Aged Pension, Disability Support, War Veteran, Single Supporting Parents, Disability Carers, War Widows, TPI Pensions.
  • Student concession types include: Full-time secondary school student, Full-time tertiary student, Tertiary student identification MUST state that the student is full-time. If not, the student must provide supporting documentation from the enrolled school proving full-time status.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?

Your Brisbane Heat Membership is transferable in the event you are out of town and can’t make a specific match. In this instance, you are able to offer your membership to a friend, family member, work colleague or neighbour for example.

Please note: adults are not permitted to use a child or concession membership card and this will be monitored at the entry gate.

Can I buy a membership with wheelchair access?

Brisbane Heat Memberships with wheelchair access are available in the following categories: Gold Reserved, Silver Reserved, Gold Coast GA, Gold + Gold Coast GA, Silver + Gold Coast GA. Wheelchair patrons either pay the Concession or Child price (dependent on age). If they need to be accompanied by a Carer with a Companion Card, the holder of the Companion Card is processed free of charge. If the accompanying person doesn’t have a Companion Card, they will need to purchase a full-priced membership. Please call 1800 GO HEAT to purchase a wheelchair membership.

I donated money or wish to donate to one of the add-on options. What is being done with my donation?

Carbon Offset

A carbon offset (or carbon credit) is generated from an activity that prevents, reduces or removes greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere. Good on you! By opting into the $2 carbon offset option, you are helping to do your bit for the environment. All proceeds raised from this add-on will be used to combat the war on single-use plastic, through a reduction of the plastic produced by the Brisbane Heat membership program. 95% of plastic produced regardless of recyclability goes into landfill. Help us to do our bit to cut-down on single-use waste! We're reducing single product plastic packaging and ensuring that membership products are bundled together where possible. 

QC Foundation Donation

The Queensland Cricket Foundation, through tax deductible donations, raises funds to grow the game and support its unique contribution to Queensland communities. The Foundation promotes increased participation, particularly among disadvantaged sections of the community, and uses its funds to develop cricket infrastructure and foster talent, accessibility, and inclusiveness.

Ovarian Cancer Australia Donation

Your kindness will provide compassionate support services to everyone impacted by ovarian cancer - the women who are diagnosed and the wonderful people who care for them. 

Question still not answered? 

Click here to leave us a message and we'll be in touch as soon as we can! Alternately, drop us a line at 1800 GO HEAT.